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What you can expect to learn is a reasonable question, and one that has many answers, but for the bulk of the teachings you will be learning the syllabus

But we realise that this can become quite boring, always doing the same thing week in week out, although that is the way you get good at it, practice, practice and more practice. But if we gave you four throws to learn, and that is all you did for six months, the feeling is that this would not make you want to stay.

So we mix it up, we will show you the basic throws, each week, but we also throw in (excuse the pun) some higher grade throws, but you must get the basics done first, as all throws are built upon a good grounding of the basic four throws:

  • Kubi Nage

  • Ashi Gake

  • Tai Otoshi

  • Ko Uchi Maki Komi

You will also practice every week your break falls, these are paramount to be able to land from the throws that you are going to do, and that will be done on you. Basically there is forward break-fall, backward break-fall, left break-fall, right break-fall and front break-fall, again this is all covered in the Syllabus.

We may do defence against a stick or knife attack, getting attacked whilst on the ground, from behind, multiple adversaries, ground work, or just plain kempo (striking using kicks and punches), what you are taught in the lesson is dependant on instructor, also we are more than happy  to cover something youfeel you may want to concentrate on a little more. The aim of each lesson is to have fun, and hopefully learn something new each time.

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