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We are a non-profit making club, run for and on behalf of all our students, our aim is basic:

“impart as much of our knowledge to our students”

We take you from beginner to a high standard as slow or as quick as you want. We grade our students when they are ready, and when we think they are ready, for some this could be every 6 months, for others once per year, but we endeavour to hold two gradings per year. We do it this way, because we want our students to be good at their grade, indeed, when we attend seminars, we are always complimented on the ability of our students.

If you are looking for a practical self defence martial, with no pressure or egos, then why not come along, have a go, or even just watch – your first lesson is free, you have nothing to lose.

We have two local clubs both share the exact same values, we welcome all students from the beginner to those who have practised previously. You will learn Ju-Jitsu in a safe and controlled environment, with the instructors on hand to show you what to do, and if you are a complete beginner, we will work with you to boost your confidence and enable you to join in with the main class.

You will never be left unsupervised, there will always be a more senior student to show you what to do, we all remember that you have to start somewhere.


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